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Physician - Why You Should Blog

Physician NetworkingSome physicians are embracing blogs. Why?

More people read blogs that you may realize. Smart, informed and professional people read blogs. In fact, I probably don't need to point this out, but you are probably a smart, informed professional person who is reading one now!

If this is true, why do blogs have such a bad reputation among many high level professionals? It's likely due in part to the fact that nearly anyone can blog (and lots of people do), so it may seem like it's not worth pursuing something that essentially anyone can easily do.

But, all blogs are not the same. And, one blog can change your life--or at least really enhance it. Blogging is really about having something to say and then reaching your intended audience.

For example, the first time that I talked psychiatrist Ron Schouten into blogging was for Harvard Business Review--a very prestigious blog site. Dr. Schouten's blog was titled Psychopaths on Wall Street and was read by many thousands of professionals including a Time Magazine reporter who blogged about it on the Time website within 24 hours.

Dr. Schouten began to see the power of blogs and how they can reach a wide and impressive audience.
And, it's interesting to see what happens when a doctor starts to blog. Doctors who blog often virtually meet other doctors or professionals who blog, and they form some really great relationships. For example, David Yamada is a tenured professor of law at Suffolk University and a scholar at the Workplace Bullying Institute. One day, Professor Yamada was browsing through the bookstore and came across Dr. Schouten's book, Almost a Psychopath. Dr. Yamada blogged about this book in a blog post titled Do Almost Psychopaths Help to Explain the Prevalence of Workplace Bullying and Abuse?

Professor Yamada virtually met Dr. Schouten thereafter, and this led to Schouten being invited as the keynote speaker at a conference Yamada was organizing. Their paths have crossed numerous times--as they have similar interests in educating people about the subtle and not so subtle "bad behavior" that so often occurs in the workplace--very often due to men (and some women) who have subclinical psychopathy (read the book to find out more!).

If you haven't tried out blogging, consider submitting one to Before you do, read some of the blogs on this site and think about what people might want to hear more about. One blog really can open up lots of new doors, and it's fun to try!

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Reader Comments (3)

Dr. Silver makes some excellent arguments but she has more faith in the profession than I... Writing (blogging) takes some effort and a distinct point of view. I don't know that I really have either but I really do enjoy reading what others have to say on all of these topics. I would rather have a few all-stars that an endless sea of disparate voices all wanting fame. (Is there a reality show in there somewhere?)

Nov 20 | Unregistered CommenterShaw MD

And here's a big reason to blog: When physicians come to me with a book idea looking to get traditionally published, one of their biggest challenges is often that they don't have a following (or "platform" as it's called in the publishing industry). Without a platform, it can be very hard to interest a trade publisher.
My absolute favorite strategy to help them grow their platform is blogging. Your expertise as a physician can land you blogging opportunities on national blogging platforms ( or the harder-to-get-in but high profile WebMD, for instance). You can go from having no audience to a large audience quite quickly this way--a crucial step to interest publishers.
Many of my book coaching clients successfully used this strategy to land top agents and publishers. In fact, one blogger was recently approached by a top 10 publisher before his agent even got the book proposal out. How did they find him and why were they interested? His blogging presence on and the Huffington Post.
Of course, my other advice is to attend the CME course at Harvard Medical School on writing and publishing books. You'll get to understand the book industry, the publishing process and how to increase your odds of getting published. You'll meet top agents, publishers looking for health-related titles and you'll get valuable advice from them as you craft your book concept. More info here:

Nov 29 | Registered CommenterLisa Tener
Colleagues, does the Harvard course for writing and publishing still take place? I cannot find it online. Perhaps there is another similar course that you know of? Thank you.

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