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Questions? Here are some frequent answers.

There's a fair amount of information below, but if you can't find an answer for someting that you really, really want to know about Freelance MD, you can always use the contact page to ask us directly.

General Questions

Q. This sound great, how do I sign up?

That’s easy! Well, it will be easy. We're implementing a sign up process that's not quite finished yet. Your best be is to check back and watch for the post about the membership areas of the site going live. Once that happens just click on the 'join' link and you're in.

Q. Can my company/organization sponsor or advertise?

Absolutely! There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities to promote your organization through Freelance MD's Select Partner program or advertise on the site. In either case we'll want to make sure that we're a good fit.

Q. I have something to say. How can I submit a guest post?

If you've got some information to share, you can submit a guest post here. We're always looking for new points of view and as long as you're not just posting a press release or recycled content you're looking good. (If you do submit a press release we reserve the right to mock you.)

Q. How can I become an author

You can make a pitch to us directly, but the best way to earn your stripes is to submit a few guest posts that are insightful, funny, aren't filled with typos and resonate with physicians. The worst way is to email us your press release and ask us to post it. (damn-I-hate-that)

Q. Will you review my site/product/service?

We love checking out new products and services that physicians are interested in — it's what we're all about. That said, there are a few things you should know. First off, we primarily cover 'change in medicine'. Secondly, not everything out there fits in with our coverage, and despite being voracious, we can't cover everything! First step: Contact us an let us know what you're about.

Q. Why did you post this or that?

Our primary focus is on providing the very best advice and information to physicians. However, we're also interested in developments in science, things that make us laugh, and yes, even occasionally something that's "old" news to one or more of our readers. We try to keep things lively around here.


Q. Why do photos appear on some comments and forum discussions?

If there's a photo next to the comment, it's been left there by one of our contributing writers. I know, it's cool. We're working on some solutions to integrate additional community features into the site so all of our Members can be cool too, but it's a limitation of technology for the short term.

Q. Why did you remove my comment?

There are many reasons this might happen, but here are some of the most common reasons we delete comments. Spamming of any type, be it human or robot-generated, is always deleted. If you're trying to sell something in comments, you're a spammer. Trolling is also unacceptable — we recognize that a lot of you trolls don't evern realize that you're trolls, but believe us — you are. We'll delete your comments if we feel they're disruptive or annoying. We also delete comments that are racist, sexist, overly obscene, or offensive in any way. We delete comments which are personal attacks — whether directed at an editor or another commenter. Finally, we reserve the right to delete any comment at our discretion (please see below).

If you create a history of trolling or other offensive behavior, we'll just ban your account. That means that your username, email, and potentially IP address will be barred from our system, and you'll no longer be able to comment. We will also send negative energy your way and screw up your karma.

Q. You deleted my comment. Isn't that censorship?

No. We allow comments in order to further the discussion, engage our readers, and to let interested parties have a good time (and maybe learn something)! Our commenting sections are NOT open forums where you can say whatever you please, and commenting on Freelance MD is not a right of law passed down to you in the Constitution. Freelance MD is a community site and a business. The editorial staff does not delete comments without good reason, but deletions are always at the discretion of the editors. There are thousands of active commenters, and we try to keep the comment sections a fun, engaging experience for all of our readers.

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