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ExpedMed CME

Medvoy Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

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The nonclinical conference for physicians. 

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Here's what you get.

There has never been a medical conference like the Medical Fusion Conference. Medical Fusion brings together physician leaders who have developed unique niche areas to further their careers.

3 days of intense training for physicians who want to expand their practice and control their careers.

20 free hours of Category I CME credit for Medical Fusion participants through our Expedition & Wilderness Medicine online course.

Conference Fee

$979 Physician
$849 Non-Physicians

Register Online

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Recommend Medical Fusion to a colleague when you register and receive a 10% Medical Fusion Referral Rebate when they register


Physician opportunity is knocking.

There has never been a medical conference like the Medical Fusion Conference. Medical Fusion brings together physician leaders who have developed unique niche areas to further their careers. Concierge medicine, telemedicine, entrepreneurship, writing & publishing, medical tourism, and internet marketing are some of the topics covered at the Medical Fusion Conference.

Whether you are a medical student, a budding entrepreneur, a full time clinician with a busy practice, or a seasoned physician considering retirement, the Medical Fusion Conference will help you evaluate your options, teach you unique ways to leverage your clinical training, and introduce you to career possibilities that you have not considered. Come learn from physicians who have already succeeded in their attempts to create more personal freedom, a more balanced lifestyle, increased financial security, and a thriving career.

Join us for the most encouraging, invigorating, and exceptional medical event ever developed: the Medical Fusion Conference.




Due to the commercial nature of the Medical Fusion course, CME credits will not be granted for attendance in the Medical Fusion lectures. However, as a thank you for participating in the Medical Fusion event, and for those who need to obtain CME hours, we are offering 20 free hours of Category I CME credit to our Medical Fusion participants through our Expedition & Wilderness Medicine online course. This additional online course helps participants in our Medical Fusion conference fulfill any CME requirements they might have.

Participants in our Medical Fusion conference will be given a code to access the online version of our recent Expedition Medicine National Conference on the popular website, The Expedition Medicine National Conference draws participants and faculty from around the world to discuss topics relating to Travel, Tropical, Expedition, and Wilderness Medicine. The course is based on the textbook Expedition & Wilderness Medicine that was recently published by Cambridge University Press and is edited by Drs. Gregory Bledsoe, Michael Manyak, and David Townes.

The current price for the online Expedition Medicine National Conference is $699, but participants in Medical Fusion will receive this additional 20 hours of instruction-- and the 20 hours of Category I CME offered in this course-- absolutely free. It's our way of saying thanks for being a supporter of Medical Fusion.

In summary, those who come to Las Vegas and participate in the Medical Fusion conference will receive 20 hours of live lecture from our excellent Medical Fusion faculty and also access to an additional 20 hours of Category I CME lectures online through our Expedition Medicine National Conference on We believe this
offers unprecedented value to our participants since they receive 40 hours of instruction for the price of 20.

Many thanks. Please contact us with any questions. More information on our Expedition and Wilderness Medicine courses can be found on the website



"The Medical Fusion Conference is a unique event that brings together entrepreneurial physicians, business people, and investors to explore the intersection between business opportunity and clinical medicine."  - Bruce Robertson, PhD, Managing Director, H.I.G. BioVentures

“Medical Fusion is setting a standard for physicians seeking alternative non-clinical careers that go beyond medical directorships or pharma jobs. [The Medical Fusion Conference] will continue to provide excellent insights into career options for physicians who no longer want to be only clinicians.”  - Dr. Philippa Kennealy

“[The Medical Fusion Conference] was fun, professionally run, and highly stimulating.”  - Dr. Mark Kroll

“If you are interested in meeting like minded physicians, who are empowering themselves, and doing some AMAZING things in their practice and outside of medicine, you’ve got to attend [the Medical Fusion Conference].  The first conference was not only great for networking, it also inspired me to meet other doctors who “get it.”  - Dr. Mike Woo-Ming

“Life changing conference. Great lecturers, very informative content that has given me the tools to move my career forward.”

“Best networking opportunity that I have had in years. I will recommend it to all of my colleagues who want to enhance their jobs and lives.”


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