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Freelance MD: The cure for the common physician.

Freelance MD is an active community of physicians that gives you more freedom and control of your medical practice, income, and lifestyle... even if you're clueless about where to begin and you're already working 80 hour weeks.

On Freelance MD you'll find:

  • Usefull articles and information
  • A fantastic and vibrant community of physicians and business professionals.
  • Special offers for Freelance MD members.
  • Savvy members who get access and special offers that's not feely available.

Our Members are the physician-architects and individuals behind the development of some of the current changes in physician careers. Best of all, it's free, which is a terrific price. Join us.

If you're like 99% of physicians you:

  • Have little or no business experience other than medicine
  • Are trying to run your medical practice as a business AND work in it at the same time
  • Are getting frustrated with the lack of available information
  • Need to make informed business and medical decisions
  • Leery of the constant stream of unidentified sales people and consultants.
  • Feel like you have to do everything

Well, it truly doesn't have to be that way...

You know, Freelance MD started as nothing. No Members, no community, no partners... Nothing. Just a single voice of sanity in the medical wilderness.

Where there are a host of other sites built for patients, Freelance MD is built specifically for physicians and medical providers. There's no doubt that FreelanceMD is absolutley the best place for medical providers who want more control and freedom of their career, income, and lifestyle.

As a Freelance MD Member you'll have free access to:

  • Free Freelance MD Member Only Downloads & Reports.
  • Subscribe to any page, blog or forum thread and have updates delivered to your email.
  • Special Offers from Freelance MDs Select Partners.
  • Best of all, it's Free!

Too good to be true? Maybe, but there's method to the madness. Yes, you'll receive some marketing, special offers, products and services put in front of you, but you'll now be part of a huge purchasing group that weilds some real clout with suppliers. Nice for once.

Join us now and start making your medical career more profitable, and your life a little easier.

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Freelance MD is an active community of doctors.

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