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"No More Excuses Allowed!"

Mike Woo-Ming MD, Freelance MD AuthorHey Doctor! Start Building Your Internet Business for Turning Your Passion into Profits!

Introducing... Starting Point

A 5 Week Online Coaching Series For Physicians To Regain The Passion You're Missing With Your Very Own Internet Business

This introductory course is designed specifically for physicians to give you a broad overview about how your new business can work, and the very specific details and actions you'll use to get started.

Class is starting NOW!

The Starting Point Course Curriculum

  • Module 1: Ready Set Go! Understanding Your Internet Business
  • Module 2: Your Information Product - The Kindle & Beyond
  • Module 3: Turn Your Ideas Into Apps
  • Module 4: Affiliate Marketing Magic
  • Module 5: Free & Inexpensive Traffic Methods

The modules are all recorded for your convienience so you can refer to them at any time.

$ 297.00

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But don't take my word for it... Here's what other physicians who have taken the course are saying!

The webinars and live phone calls provided me with a vast amount of information about internet businesses I probably would not have acquired on my own. Furthermore, the homework assignments were extremely helpful, and somewhat relaxing, far more so than any assignment I ever had in medical school! Thank you for helping me to relieve some stress!

Please keep up the good work with inspiring, encouraging, and motivating individuals who desire to start their own business! You truly have a marketable, productive, and an outstanding product of value! I highly recommend your services for others like me. 
- Dr. Tia Chanel Poland 

I really enjoyed the course and am trying to put the knowledge into action! Thanks to Dr. Mike, I have officially launched my website! 
Ed Zane, MD New Milford, CT

I am really enjoying the course and determined to make this a success!
Omada Idachaba, MD Kalamazoo, MI

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Your Own Internet Business — A Cure for the Risk-Averse Physician Entrepreneur.

Webinar Dr. Mike Woo-Mingfree

Free Physician Webinar

The Deal: In this FREE webinar, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming will let let you in on exactly how he gave up his medical practice to triple his income by using the internet to sell information products.

Freelance MD Physician Webinar

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The Story: From a family of physicians, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming graduated Johns Hopkins and took up clinical practice in California, only to come to the realization that the harsh realities of clinical practice weren't going to end. From a tiny beginning, Dr. Mike started building additional revenue streams on the side to supplement his income as a MD, only to find that they replaced, and then far surpassed what he could make as a physician.

In this webinar Dr. Mike will share that story, and show you exactly how you can do the same thing; either as a part time revenue stream, or a full time nonclinical career change.

This Is For: Every physician who has thought about using the internet to make themselves financially free using the internet.

What You'll Learn In This FREE Webinar:

  • What kinds of internet businesses are available to you right now!
  • Painful dead-ends and lessons learned, and how to avoid them!
  • How to decide if your idea is worth pursuing, or when to give it up!
  • How to uncover hidden gems that you already know, and that people will pay you for!
  • How to leverage your medical education in ways you never thought possible!
  • How to turn what you're passionate about, into a real business!
  • How to get started right now.

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About Mike Woo-Ming MD MPH

Internet Entrepreneur

Once working a full-time income as a Mayo Clinic trained physician, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming has built n impressive number of passive income streams by starting his own internet businesses while still maintaining a 60 hour work week. His companies have created over 80 information products in the last few years and maintains a seven figure income that started from his bedroom.

An expert in lead generation, he has personally generated over 700,000 leads in 11 different markets. Dr. Mike consults regularly with million dollar companies in the corporate world, while still traveling around the world to sold-out workshops helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs attain their own financial success.

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Medical Spa Training & Education Manuals

Staff Training & Education

The Medical Spa Training Study Courses for Medical Estheticians, Laser Technicians and Med Spa Staff from Medical Spa MD, the leading community of physicians in non-surgical cosmetic medicine.

Your medical spa staffs knowledge and expertise is a critical component to your success. Now it's easy to train every new hire on what cosmetic procedures you offer, how they work, and what alternatives there are. Ensure that your front desk, estheticians and laser technicians have the information that they need to answer patient questions with confidence.

From IPL training to skin typing, Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm filler injections, the Medical Esthetician Training Manual & Study Guide, and the Advanced IPL & Laser Training for Non-physicians is part of your Medical Spas success.

For the first time, your laser clinic or medspa staff has the latest information on the newest nonsurgical medical treatments, from Botox, Restylane, and the newest filler injections, to fractional CO2 laser resurfacing and IPL treatments and you have a uniform and tested training system. This is a must have for any serious cosmetic clinic.


Advanced IPL & Laser Training Manual

The Advanced IPL & Laser Training Manual for Non-Physicians is required training material for every new hire working in a medical spa.

Your staffs education and understanding is the single most important factor in the sucess of your medspa, palstic surgery, or dermatology practice. Give your staff the materials that will make you successful.
Download Advanced IPL & Laser Training TOC
Click here to read more.

Advanced IPL & Laser Training - $227

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Medical Aesthetics Training Manual & Study Guide

The Advanced Medical Spa Aesthetics Training Course & Study Guide is a two part learning curriculum for non-physicians.

With 165 pages of quality content, this course is delivered in two parts that include a text book and a study guide. Use this course to train your staff and give them the information they need to make your medical spa a success. Read more.
Download Medical Spa Aesthetics Training Course TOC

Medical Aesthetics Training Manual & Study Guide - $247

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Get all 3 and save almost $200!

Medical Aesthetics Training Manual & Study Guide AND The Advanced IPL & Laser Training Manual

Buy the Medical Spa Aesthetics Training Course & Study Guide
AND the IPL & Laser Training course and save almost $200!

Medical Spa Aesthetics Training, Study Guide, AND Advanced IPL & Laser Training - $297

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Download Advanced IPL & Laser Training TOC
Download Medical Spa Aesthetics Training Course TOC

These training manuals are a critical component to the success of any Laser Center, Med Spa, Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Dermatology practice. Use them to train every new medical spa staff member on what cosmetic proceedures are available, how they work, and what alternatives there are.

These training and study courses are already being used in leading medical spas and laser clinics right now to provide every new esthetician and laser tech with current information about cosmetic information, and test their knowledge before they're hired.






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