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Physician Entrepreneur > Stocking Stuffers for Startups

Here are some stocking stuffers that are sure to warm the heart of your favorite bioscience startup entrepreneur:

1.A Gift Card to Starbucks
Where else to spend all of those hours networking, schmoozing, raising money, writing business plans and daydreaming?
2. A subscription to the Wall Street Journal
All the updates from the business world, how else to succeed without the “capitalist’s tool”.
3. A Clear Pass
So you can wiz through the line at airport security on your way to the next road show presentation
4. Something really expensive for your spouse
Make sure it’s not something that needs to be plugged in. After all the crap your spouse has put up with and tales about “just wait till the exit” , you’ll need to keep your best allies in the game. Might as well buy a chew toy for the pup , too.
5. An upgraded Linkedin Account
Congratulations! You now have joined the 500+ Club and are ready for the Bigs.
6. Two tickets to “Death of a Salesman”
It’s so hard to be humble, but not after watching this 1949 Arthur Miller classic
7. The DVD version of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”
Dale Carnegie’s 1937 self-help manual for the downtrodden.
8. A business card reader
If you don’t come back home every night with someone’s business card, you’re not doing something right. What’s more, don’t waste your time typing in all that information that’s likely to change soon anyway.
9. A PayPal account
While starting your company, you’ll need to find something to do to make money. Consulting, writing online articles, working with industry or gathering coupons might get you through and you’ll be paid with online credits. At this point, go back to #1 on this list.
10 . A New White Shirt and Power Tie
You will need it after spilling coffee from Starbucks on your shirt while reading the Wall Street Journal.
Happy Holidays.

I'd like a weeks sleep, but I'd take a solid 10 hours.

Dec 3 | Unregistered CommenterMiller

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