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Physician Finances > Professional Service Corporation Advantages - Disadvantages

I'd like to have some input from other docs about how they've set up their personal business structure with or without Professional Service Corporations.

I'm looking to set up some business entities and would like some knowledgeable input outside of my accountant. Any help appreciated. Here's some of what I've learned about Professional Service Corporations.

The laws that apply to professional corporations are different than the laws which apply to other types of corporations. For instance, professional corporations can have one director or several. Also, professional corporations must be identified by using the initials "P.C." after the name of the business. Another factor is that professional corporations can be part of a larger organization. For example, a physician's professional corporation may be a part of a larger physicians' group.

There is a 35 percent taxation rate on a PSC, as opposed to a tax rate that increases as the amount of money the PSC earns increases. Also, in a PSC, an employee's salary is treated as a business expense that can be deducted. It's still the case that an employee is taxed on any money earned.

One strength of having professional corporations is the fact that they exist forever once they are established. Also, one can have an employee 401(k) plan and can contribute a larger sum of money than sole proprietors would be able to contribute. In addition, health insurance for employees can be given tax-free.

Disadvantages of having one's own professional corporation include the limitations on the amount that can be deducted due to business losses and the 35 percent taxation rate. Also, keeping profits in the business could be unhelpful at tax time if the business earns a lot of money. This is a significant tax disadvantage. It is generally recommended that one consult with an attorney or an accountant to determine how to handle this. Nonetheless, having a professional corporation can be helpful in many ways for self-employed professionals.

Any thoughts or help about where a PSC is helpful or hurtful?

Dec 2 | Unregistered CommenterLouis MD

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