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Physician Finances > Why It's Important To Watch Physician Employment Trends

Knowledge is power, and when you are searching for a career - knowing all of the factors that go into getting you the best position is of utmost importance. Everything from deciding what specialties are emerging, what the supply and demand is within an urban setting vs. a more suburban area, and how governmental and managed care funding will affect your income.

This article:, although a bit dated, has some great topics for you to review and incorporate to your job search. We've said it before - you should have a really good picture of the career that you want, in a sense - create your perfect job, then find it - these tips will surely help you do just that! What would topics would you add to this list?

What happens when you find out you don't like being an employed physician and there are private practice becomes less appealing?

I suppose pediatricians would need to charge extra for the lollipop under this model.

Being a physician in any position (employee or practice owner) seems untenable to me in present times. Both have many negatives attached. I simply work as a contract physician until I find another path. I can dictate when and where I work, and for what pay, the flexibility is great. The negative is I must supply all of my own "benefits". So I live very frugally, not above my means, and do what is necessary to stay as "free" as possible in this regulation rigged profession.

Dec 19 | Registered CommenterJack Harris

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