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Creating A Medical Application For The iPhone

Medical applications for the iPhone.

I recently received an email from a doctor in India who wanted some advice about a medical iPhone app he created. I encouraged him to post the idea on the linkedin site for the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and harvest the "wisdom of the masses". Shortly thereafter, he posted a beta version of the app, a clinical simulation tool similar to case of the week, and asked users to provide feedback. A few weeks later, another email relayed that "My iPhone application has been a smashing success - I've had close upon 7000 downloads so far and it is the 7th most popular medical application in the United States". In addition, he was chosen to present his startup idea to the Mumbai Seedcamp at

Here's a useful article about how to get your iPhone app approved and how to make money from the idea. This is yet another example of the Long Tail theory and how you can benefit.

Reader Comments (4)

Dear Arlen,

I agree with your insightful post. Please send an updated link of the article regarding apps, as the one you posted does not exist anymore.

I have a Medical iPhone app, My Band Fill, which was fairly easy to create and then to bring to market.

Thank you and regards,


More about mobile healthcare CME apps at

I am the Doctor mentioned in the above blog post and I'd like to say that I have some more good news to share !

My application has over 40,000 users now (after just 1 month !) and is rapidly adding more every day - in fact it was the #1 free medical app in the US for a time. It was also acclaimed as one of the top 20 medical apps of 2010 by iMedicalapps.

My company was lucky enough to be selected as one of the winners of the Seedcamp Mumbai - we have been invited to travel to London in January to further pitch ourselves.

I would like to thank Dr Meyers, Jim Blakeley and the members of SOPE for the unstinted help they have afforded me - especially considering the fact that I am a Doctor hailing from the opposite side of the world.

P.S. One small correction - I am from Sri Lanka !

My pleasure,Nayana. That why SoPE was created, to help docs like you around the world.
Wishing you continued success and look forward to meeting some day.

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