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Freelance MD: The First 100 Days

Freelance MD's first 100 days of growth is awesome.

Actually, it's really impressive. Here's the chart showing Freelance MD's growth from our launch in mid November of 2010 through the end if February 2011, the first 100 days.

Traffic Overview

In looking at the numbers there are a couple of things that stand out immediately. First, there's a huge gap between the number of visitors and the number of page views that show that there are almost 3 page views for each reader per visit. This is a fantastic ratio and indicates that new readers are actually clicking around the site and not just leaving. If the gap were narrow, we'd know that people were coming to the site but not finding it interesting so this gap is a good indicator of how 'sticky' the site is.

Of course we're still growing traffic at a very respectable pace too. I'd expect to see this trajectory flatten and even have a few bumps but it will certainly continue this upward trend. Breaking 10,000 unique visitors in the first 100 days is fantastic and we're on track to hit all of our traffic and interaction goals.

You'll also notice that we have more than 700 Facebook likes and a growing community of physicians interating in the Freelance MD LinkedIn Group that I'd invite all docs to join.

We've also been contacted by a number of other medical and physician sites that have asked to be able to distribute our content to their audiences. The most notable of these new partner sites is which is among the web’s most prominent and influential clinical health care blogs. These sites will choose selected posts from Freelance MD that speak to their audiences and republish them to their own sites.

We've also received quite a few inquires about joining or writing for Freelance MD (We've got some really great guest posts already)so we've written a number of posts to get help you get started, from how to add a Freelance MD badge to your website, to how to write a guest post, to how to become a contributing author.

There are also a number of new parts to the site that we've just launches. They're a little bumpy right now as we work out all of the technology kinks but they're live and working.

There's a new nonclinical jobs board, a resources directory and a calendar of upcoming events. There will be many changes to all of these as we add additional functionality and integrations.

It's been some heavy lifting in the last 100 days and there's more to come but Greg and I are committed to making a Freelance MD a must-have portal for physicians looking for more control of their career, income, and lifestyle.

Reader Comments (2)

congrats ! i like your stats charting. which web app do you use?

This site is build on Squarespace which uses it's own internal stat engine. The charts are drawn using software from a third party... I forget who they use exactly but they do make nice charts.

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