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Physician Startups & Hemorrhoid Rap: Or Why I Want To Leave Clinical Medicine...


To all you tech VCs, I’ll wipe ya like feces, I’ve been programming in Logo since I was three
On my Apple IIe
But I took a vow of poverty so I became an MD
You entrepreneurs got more gold than Fort Knox
Have a manservant to iron your socks
Put bagels up on your lox
And get your healthcare from concierge docs
Still you don’t know the difference ‘tween a cold and chicken pox
So check it out tho…yo!

Listen to the ZDoggMD, a gangsta with a degree, in medical pimpology
My goal’s to entertain, make you use your brain, to explain, why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

So here’s a topic of interest to you folk, most think that it’s a joke, but it’ll make your booty smoke
Like the debate between iPhone and Droid, no fiber on your plate means you own some hemorrhoids
These little gremlins are engorged veins, that get inflamed, and cause itching and real pain
They can also bleed like stink, so if you’re TP’s pink, put down your drink, and start to think
About what’s causin’ em, and how to start pausin’ em
Let’s start with your meals and talk about the flaws in em

A low fiber diet means you’re straining on the pot, so what you got
Is increased pressure on your ‘roids, your day is shot
Heavy lifting, lotsa sitting makes em worse, a curse
That diet and behavior may reverse

Fruits, vegetables, and lots of H20, reduce the pressure down there and improve the fecal flow
To learn mo, go to
My blogg’s the bomb
Word to your Mom

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