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Concierge Medicine

Here at Freelance MD we get a lot of questions about various trends in medicine.

One of the most rapidly growing clinical practice models in the US these days is Concierge Medicine, and many Freelance MD readers have expressed interest in learning more about this practice model.  

In Concierge Medicine, a physician cuts out third-party payers and contracts directly with his or her patients.  The patients pay a retainer and the physician agrees to limit the practice size so he or she can provide exceptional access to these patients.

While this model has become very popular with a certain segment of the population and many physicians, it is not without critics.  I wrote a recent article here on Freelance MD about the ethics of Concierge Medicine and the arguments for and against this model. 

Since we've received so many inquiries about Concierge Medicine, I decided to post some resources here about the subject.  In addition, for those of you who will be attending the Medical Fusion Conference this November, you'll be able to hear one of the leading experts on Concierge Medicine, Dr. Steven Knope, discuss the subject personally (and have the opportunity to sit down with Steve individually at our Accelerator sessions).  Steve is the author of the book, Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare.  

Here's a video interview with Dr. Steven Knope describing Concierge Medicine:


Here's another interview with Dr. Knope that appeared on FOX Business:


Here's a short video in which I describe Concierge Medicine and how we'll be discussing Concierge Medicine at the Medical Fusion Conference:

For those who want further information on Concierge Medicine, check out the following resources...  


The Ethics of Concierge Medicine by Dr. Greg Bledsoe

The PGA Golf Tour, Concierge Medicine, & Hitting Your Next Shot as a Physician  by Dr. Greg Bledsoe

The Need for Concierge Medicine  by Dr. Steven Knope

New Concierge Medicine Series: Royal Pains  by Mr. Jeff Barson

Health Matters  by Melinda Beck of the Wall Street Journal

Worldwide Wellness in Outside Go magazine

Total Access: Concierge Medicine Puts a New Spin on Healthcare  in The New Yorker magazine

Are Physicians Pawns in Our Healthcare System?  in AzMedicine magazine

Doctors Switch to 'Concierge' Practices  in Arizona Republic


Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare  by Dr. Steven Knope


Dr. Steven Knope: Concierge Medicine  on     

Dr. Knope Reveal All  on The Entrepreneurial MD 

Personal Pediatrics Delivers Care Right to Your Bedroom  on  The Entrepreneurial MD 


The American Academy of Private Physicians 

Franchise Models


Personal Medicine 


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