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ZDoggMD Les Misérables

Lovers of medical musicals rejoice! We're finally turning our talents to music outside of rap.

Lyrics to The Confrontation: A Les Misérables Parody

(Dr. Javert)
ZDogg! At last…I paged an hour ago!
This alcoholic’s sodium’s much too low…
Before you say another word, Javert, before you dump on me reflexively,
Listen to me! This lab you must repeat…
(Dr. Javert)
This patient’s obviously going nowhere. He’s got no pants and he needs a SNF!
Stop blocking me, admission is what he needs…
Just get that lab, I pledge my word, if it’s still low…
(Dr. Javert)
You must think me mad! The waiting room’s completely packed!
Docs like you can never change. A doc such as you…
(Dr. Javert in Counterpoint)
Docs like you can never change, hospitalists can never change!
ED life you’ll never understand!
My lot is to be extreme–you have no balls, last week I snowshoed across Nepal!
I’m a doc who has no fear. You’re not fit to clean my shears!
ED docs are brawn and brain, epi’s running through our veins!
You can write your long-ass note, I just cric’d this old guy’s throat!
You can fixate on your labs, I’ll work on my rock hard abs!
I save patients, one by one, at least until my shift is done…
(ZDogg in Counterpoint)
Admit to me, what you like! There are no beds, the nurses are on strike!
You know nothing of disease, skipped class to spelunk in Belize!
I can rock complexity, you still shock asystole!
You’re a hammer so a nail is all you see!
I will not be dumped upon, by some chump with lycra on!
You can race triathalons, but I’ll just drive my car!
You can’t understand his labs, I’m the wiser doc by far.
There is dispo for him yet, his workup’s not yet done…
Perhaps this fight’s without a point.
(Dr. Javert)
We could be climbing Macchu Piccu…
We should team up not waste our time.
(Dr. Javert)
We could be kite surfing in Guam…
It seems this patient’s quite depressed
(Dr. Javert)
Yes…I begin to think you’re right…
Let’s admit just him…to psych!

Reader Comments (4)

Dr. Harry is reminding me a little bit of a few ER docs I know in here. #YoureKillingMeSmalls

Whoah! This is hilariously a knock-out! I can't believe physicians could be this laid-back, cool, and funny as well:-)

Damn ZDogg! I quite literally just wet myself.

Apr 29 | Unregistered CommenterPosterDoc

I laughed so hard I spotted.

Apr 29 | Unregistered CommenterDermgal

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