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2nd.MD Review & Discount Code For Freelance MD Members

2nd MDFreelance MD Members only pricing with code DOC1166

Use technology to consult online and set your own consultation rate, without any paperwork! 2nd MD is now a Select Partner of Freelance MD and is offering our Members special pricing. Watch the video below to learn more.

Creating an account is free and without obligation. You can set your own schedule, set your own fees, and set yourself at the forefront of medical technology. You must sign up with code DOC 1166 or mention that you're a Freelance MD Member when you call.

(You must be a board certified US specialist to accept this offer.)

2nd MD Special Offer


Physician Testimonials

Who are the specialists are using 2nd MD right now?

  • 5% of 2nd MD physicians have either studied, trained, or currently work at one of US News & World Report's top hospitals or specialty programs.
  • 20% of 2nd MD doctors are chiefs or directors of their departments or hospital programs.

Richard Andrassy, MD
Chairman, Department of Surgery
UTHealth Medical School &
Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center


Stanley Fisher, MD
Board Certified Neurologist


Some of the specialists using 2nd MD right now.

Dr. John Roberts

Dr. John Roberts

University of California San Francisco
Director of the Division of Transplantation
Former President of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons


Dr. Aaron Spitz

Dr. Aaron Spitz

University of California Irvine - Department of Urology
Routinely appears on "The Doctors Show" and "Dr. Phil"
Studied at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University


Dr. Leo Wang

Dr. Leo Wang

Pediatric Oncology, Hematology, and Stem Cell Transplant
Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Childrens Hospital of Boston
Trained at: University of Chicago, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Dr. Tina Alster

Dr. Tina Alster

Dermatologist. Studied at Duke and Yale
A world-renowned lecturer, having often appeared on national TV
A recipient of Presidential Volunteer Service Award


Dr. Matthew Friedman

Dr. Matthew Friedman

National Center for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Trained at Dartmouth and Massachusetts General Hospital
Executive Director of the National Center of PTSD since 1989
Written over 200 publications and 19 books

Reader Comments (2)

Please address:
1. Overcoming "doctor patient relationship" and thus liability exposure
2. Licensure
3. Credentialing
4. Overcoming restrictions on some academic practice plan "practice site" objections
5. Conflict of interest when working for other private telemedicine companies (there are now several)

Hi Dr. Meyers, here are the answers to your questions:
2nd.MD was designed to not be the practice of medicine, for a few very important reasons: 1.So that doctors could consult across state and international borders. 2.So that the doctors and their institutions would have very limited liability. 3.So that doctors at the best institutions wouldn't have a conflict with their contracts (similar to an honorarium).

What does "not the practice of medicine mean", exactly? Simply:1. No prescribing,2. No diagnosing,3. No treatment.

What can you offer? Education from an expert: 1. Can you possibly help them or know who can? 2. Explaining options and next steps for their diagnosis; 3. Latest research and trends in your field; 4. Risks associated with treatments;
5. What to expect if they visit you: outcomes, recovery, costs, etc.

We require that you not work with competing 3rd party video consultation companies while participating on 2nd.MD.

Email me for further info:

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