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Why Being An Expert Is Making You Useless On Facebook

Why Being An Expert Is Making You Useless On Facebook

Free from Frontdesk

The Deal: This free deal for Members comes from the social media guru's at Frontdesk; 5 simple tips that will stop you from acting like an expert (or jackass) on Facebook and hurting your business and professional reputation. Instead of falling into the same traps as everyone else, Frontdesk has put together a quick-reading report that will put you on the path to using Facebook to benefit your business instead of hurting it.

The Story: 1 out of every 8 minutes spent online... is spent on Facebook.

Facebook is 800 million strong and it's not letting up. As a physician, if you're in private practice you're going to be using Facbook. In this report you'll find the 5 common things that almost everyone does to position themselves as an 'expert', and why these practices backfire.

Why Being An Expert Is Making You Useless On Facebook

This may be a surprising headline from a community that is teaching you how to become know a though-leader in your field. After all, isn’t Facebook the social network and isn’t being know as an expert what we’re all after?

Sure, 800 million people represents an amazing opportunity…but it can also be a little daunting, and a little scary. With so many people watching, even the slightest mistakes are magnified.

As many doctors have learned (the hard way), Facebook marketing isn’t just a matter of throwing up a few posts and waiting for the “likes” and accolades to start trickling in. Here’s some straight talk; most of the advice you hear about Facebook is junk… Not just useless but advice that can actually hurt your reputation and drive paying customers and clients away.

The good news is, you can learn from them without committing them yourself.

In this free report from Frontdesk you'll discover some of the most common blunders that could turn your business’ Facebook page into a deadly weapon – and why your well-meaning mistakes could be making you useless on Facebook.

Of course this report is only free for Members only.


Free Resource Report For Physicians

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Physician Resource Report

Our Free Resource Report for Members

In this report you'll discover the products, services, tools and resources that we use to build our businesses or that we have researched and recommend on a daily basis to our friends and colleagues.

Physician Resources


Of course this is a free report for our physician members. If you're not a Member yet, you'll need to join Freelance MD. (We'll also be adding to this report from time to time to keep it up to date.)


Upcoming Product Launches On Freelance MD

We're working hard on the number product launches for physicians to help you increase your income and have more control over your lifestyle.

The first three or four of these will be launched over the next two weeks or so and include a webinar on how to protect and control your online reputation, a membership site that teaches physicians how to add new cosmetic Botox and fillers to their existing clinical practice (Botox Training MD), some videos on social marketing and building relationships and quite a few others. These are being launched in conjunction with other physicians and businessesto have information and expertise that are of value to the Freelance M.D. community.

We are also working on integrating a number of new technologies into our systems and providing greater conductivity for our membersand will be rolling out some new systems in the (hopefully) near future.

One of the principles that we founded freelance and beyond is the idea that there are many physicians who have information that is of value but that is siloed and unavailable outside of the confines of a medical conference or seminar.

One of our goals is to take that information and to make it much more widely available to physicians who want it by building information products and membership sites that allow very specialized information a broad reach and benefit both the author and the consumer.

We will be announcing a number of these products in the next few weeks... and besides just building in announcing these new products, I'll be diving into great deal of detail about how we produce this content and how physicians can benefit from it. My hope is that you'll take a look and give this new system a chance.

PS: As a side note, if you're a physicianor medical provider that has some specialized knowledge that you think would benefit from a wider physician audience please contact us and let's discuss if there is a way that we get that online.


The Anatomy & Physiology Of Bioentrepreneurship

Free education resources for physician bioentrepreneurs.

Measuring competencies of professionals , particularly doctors, has undergone significant change in the last few years. For example, The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has formulated competency based education guidelines for graduate medical education that includes the three elements of structure (anatomy), process (physiology) and outcomes. Residency training programs and their directors are now being held accountable for measuring competencies of trainees and graduates in the areas of 1) medical knowledge, 2) patient care, 3) practice based learning and improvement, 4) systems-based practice, 5) professionalism, and 6) interpersonal and communications skills.

Suppose we were to apply a similar thinking to how we train bioentrepreneurs? In an article we published in 2008 (JOURNAL OF COMMERCIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY. VOL 14. NO 1. 2–12 JANUARY 2008) my co-author Patrick Hurley and I reported an overview of bioentrepreneurship education programs in the US and proposed some core learning objectives for those completing bioentrepreneurship education programs. Not unlike the ACGME guidelines, we tried to identify learning objectives related to some general competencies, suggested ways to use increasingly more dependable methods of assessing graduate’s attainment of thesecompetencies throughout their program, and recommended we begin to use outcome data to facilitate continuous improvement of programs.

Furthermore, we proposed core learning objectives that would drive curriculum development and standardization. Since bioentrepreneurship requires an extensive repertoire of knowledge, skills and attitudes, we proposed that bioentrepreneurs should demonstrate a defined set of abilities in the areas of legal environment, marketing, finance, leadership and organizational behavior, clinical trials design and implementation, communication skills, new product development and management, international business and entrepreneurship, regulatory affairs and quality systems, strategic planning and business development, manufacturing , emotional and social intelligence skills, and professionalism and ethics.

That’s a lot to learn. Like medicine, it take a lifetime of continuous learning and practice, and you never get it completely right. However, as your attending used to tell you, by building on solid fundamentals and continuing to add to your experience and knowledge base, you should improve as long as you learn from your mistakes.

So where do you get this information without paying through the nose (remember, I’m an ENT doc)?
For some free resources to get you on your way, I’d suggest:

  1. The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs Resource page
  2. Bioentrepreneurship ezine
  3. Biotechnology education resources
  4. Multiple newsletters, blogs and information sites at the Biotechnology Industry Organizaton and the Medical Devices Manufacturers Association and the Advanced Medical Technology Association.
  5. The FDA website

If you are serious about getting more bioentrepreneurship education, make a new year’s resolution to access these FREE sites on a regular basis. It will help you understanding the anatomy and physiology of bioentrepreneurship and equip you with the education you’ll need to start seeing businesses in the clinic. Now, outcomes are different story altogether.

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