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2011 Medical Fusion Conference Faculty and Agenda

At every Medical Fusion Conference we attempt to cover the most pertinent topics for clinical physicians who are attempting to branch out from their clinical careers.  

For 2011, we've once again assembled a stellar faculty comprised of leaders in many diverse niches from around the country, and have included many hot topics that physicians should be exposed to in this ever-changing healthcare environment.

Our 2011 faculty list was recently published here on Freelance MD, but we've added a few more names so I've decided to list our entire 2011 Medical Fusion Conference faculty once again.  Many of these faculty members are authors here on Freelance MD so you can read about their backgrounds and perspectives here. I'm also listing our agenda below so you can get an idea of what's going to be discussed at this year's event.  Remember, the 2011 Medical Fusion Conference is November 11-13, 2011 and space is limited.  If you're interested in attending you can register online or call 866-924-7969 .

Our 2011 Medical Fusion Conference faculty:

Our conference topics this year are wide-ranging and cover many niches within and around clinical medicine.  Our 2011 agenda is the following:

Friday, November 11th
8:00-9:00  Leaving the Tribe, Silbaugh
9:00-10:00  Physician Career Transition, Wendel
10:00-10:30  Break
10:30-11:30  Prescriptions for Financial Success, Mazumdar
11:30-12:30  Living and Working Abroad, Bledsoe
12:30-2:00  Lunch
2:00-3:00  Concierge Medicine, Knope
3:00-4:00  Cosmetic Medicine Profits Blueprint, Barson
4:00-5:00  Real Estate Investing, Taff
5:00-6:00  Should You Get Your MBA?, Cohn
6:00-7:30  Accelerator I
Saturday, November 12th
8:00-9:00  Writing & Publishing I, Silver
9:00-10:00  Writing & Publishing II, Silver
10:00-10:30  Break
10:30-11:30  Internet Entrepreneurship I, Woo-Ming
11:30-12:30  Internet Entrepreneurship II,  Woo-Ming
12:30-2:30  Lunch
2:30-3:30  Product Development, Silver
3:30-4:30  How to be a Rockstar Physician, Barson
4:30-5:30  Independent Consulting, Cohn
5:30-7:00  Accelerator II
Sunday, November 13th
8:00-9:00  Believe Me: The Importance of Building an Unforgettable Brand, Gulati
9:00-10:00  Careers for Physicians in Managed Care and Health Insurance, Peskin
10:00-10:30  Break
10:30-11:30  Introduction to Disability Review, Neuren
11:30-12:30  Online Marketing for Physicians: The Essentials, Quatre


I wanted to make sure I highlighted our two Accelerator sessions at the end of each day.  Our Accelerators are some of our most popular times spent at the Medical Fusion Conference since each faculty and mentor has a table, and participants are allowed to wander from faculty member to faculty member and ask any and all questions of the speakers.  No other event allows you this much face-time with nationally known leaders.  Our participants raved about our Accelerator sessions in 2010 and we know that our 2011 participants will also enjoy this time.  

As you can see from our faculty list and our agenda, Medical Fusion participants will be given exposure to a wide array of interesting topics and significant time with our stellar faculty.  There's no event like the Medical Fusion Conference and there's only one Medical Fusion Conference in 2011: November 11-13, at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Register today to ensure your place at the most exciting and invigorating medical conference in the country.


Dr. Gary Taff Joins Freelance MD

Freelance MD today announced the addition of Dr. Gary Taff as a contributing physician writer.

Dr. Gary Taff brings a unique perspective to Freelance MD with broad experience in both occupational medicine and real estate investing.

"Dr. Taff is well-know as a principled physician who teaches other doctors how to get started as real-estate investors." said Jeff Barson, one of Freelance MDs Founders, "but Dr. Taff's expertise also extends to occupational medicine. We're excited to have him on board."

As a Freelance MD physician contributor, Dr. Taff will be writing on both real-estate investments for physicians as well as occupational medicine.

Despite previously negative experiences of "buying high and selling low", he started with $20,000 capital, and used equity sharing, intensive market research and an eye for buying the best deal in emerging small to medium- sized markets. This plan allowed Gary to purchase 190 properties in 13 states over a five year period. The portfolio spanned a wide range of residential properties from single family homes to condos, duplex to fourplexes, rehab projects, condo conversions and multi-unit apartment complexes. Gary is most proud of the fact that his portfolio has achieved a 39% per annum appreciation rate, mainly based on buying below market value.

Over the past two years, Gary has turned his attention to wholesaling, in which he buys multiple properties at significant discounts and then sells or assigns the properties to investors at prices below current market values. He has served as the Northern California Area Manager for a nation-wide clearing-house type of real estate network, as well as other real estate networks. He has given several seminars on value investing, use ofleverage, understanding and taking advantage of the five stages of a real estate cycle, and working with wholesalers.

About Dr. Gary Taff
Born in New Jersey, and schooled in New York City, Gary followed a well-worn family tradition by becoming a physician. As a foreshadow of a life- lon~ tendency towards ''getting there first", he started college at the age of 16 and became a doctor after just turning 23.

Gary attained Board-Certification in Emergency Medicine in the first year of that field of medicine's recognition as a specialty. He went on to direct several hospital emergency departments in Southern California. In 1983, Gary opened one of the nations' first urgent care centers. He grew that first site into a seven medical center, 70 employee, 60,000 patient visits-per-year medical group. This achievement earned Gary several awards, including the California Inland Empire Crescendo Award, Small Business Person of the Year and finally, Ernst and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year in 1993.

Gary sold his medical group in 1998 at the peak of the health-care market cycle, and moved to Northern California. After creating a hospital-based occupational medicine program and directing an ambulance company, Gary turned his attention to real estate investing.

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